Vela Kurv 

Written by Riley Rose

A Division of MCKESSON ENT


One beautiful commando defends Earth from its most lethal alien enemy while she is surreptitiously betrayed and set-up to die. - Vela Kurv Books

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Vela Kurv

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If you like Star Trek, Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Laura Croft, then you'll like the Vela Kurv books.

Vela Kurv Begins Part I - The Scintillate Seed to Vela Kurv

“VELA KURV BEGINS” is a wrenching science fiction story of the birth of a king sent by The One to deliver mankind into a new existence and to seed a line of women because of a sacrificing star in the Constellation Vela; thus the beginning of Vela Kurv.  The plot begins with the copulation of Sebastian Wright and the combustion of a supernova inside the Constellation Vela. Sebastian is born into a military family on a spaceship sent to investigate the planet Epiphany. A war between Travelers, led by Ramses his brother; and Seekers, led by Artisan his colleague; is abruptly abandoned by Travelers when the Vela star goes nova. Ramses follows the sign to Earth to foil the prophecy of the Scintillate.


Vela Kurv Becomes Part II - The Wiles of Vela Kurv  - now available!

“THE WILES OF VELA KURV” is a seductive, stylized, science fiction tale of the struggle for the survival of the planet Earth. As a secret agent, a girl becomes a woman. She investigates how to fight against invading aliens. During the hunt, a deal is struck to kill her, but only after the completion of her mission, so indeed mankind can be saved from alien infection. Her maturation and battle culminates into a passionate love affair. 

Vela Kurv Books

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Story Disclaimer

The Vela Kurv Legacy images in the books, on the website and in the videos are in full compliance of the US Copyright Fair Use guidelines, under the parody representation only.Any similarity to doll name brands is coincidental. These images are not for monetary exchange, they are utilized only to tell a story. The dolls pictured throught out all content and formats were stylized to represent some of the main characters in a parody format. They are characterized as parody props only.


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